ECO 445/545: International Trade

Course Information

Time: 10:25-11:20AM Mon,Wed,Fri
Location: BA 229

Office Hours: 2:15-3:15 PM Wed, BA 109B

Changelog (updated 2/2/16)

Lecture Notes & Slides

WolframAlpha for Calculating Derivatives (Printable Derivatives Cheatsheet)

week 1
Ch.1 Textbook Slides: Introduction
Ch.2 Textbook Slides: Trade Facts and Overview
week 2
Ch.3 Textbook Slides: 2x2 Ricardian Model (Constructing Relative Supply Graph)
week 3
Lecture Slides on Ricardian Model: Equilibrium Def and Autarky
Lecture Slides on Ricardian Model: Free Trade
week 4
Discussion of Worksheet 1: Transfers and Default
week 5
Lecture Slides on Trade Costs and Many-Good Ricardian Model (Derivations for Many Good Ricardian Model)
week 6
Lecture Slides on PE vs GE vs SOE Models
Lecture Slides on Partial Equilibrium Analysis of Trade Policies
Ch.9 Textbook Slides: Partial Equilibrium Analysis of Tariffs;Ch.10 Textbook Slides: Politics of Trade Policy
week 7
Lecture Slides on Winners and Losers from Trade (Selection of Slides from Autor, Dorn, Hanson (2013) and Kondo (2015))
week 8
Course Feedback and Grade Updates
Lecture Slides on Heckscher Ohlin Trade Theory
Notes on Solving Systems of Equations with R (Slide with Equations)
week 9
Gravity Regressions and Zeros
week 10
Multidimensional Ricardian Frameworks: Eaton-Kortum
week 11
Extensive Margin Growth: Least Traded Products
week 12
Calibrating the EK Model
Application of Multidimensional Models: Golden Quadrilateral in India
week 13
Monopolistic Competition and International Trade (Excel File for Computing Symmetric Equilibrium)
week 14
Granularity and International Trade

When or If Have Time
Lecture Slides on Environmental Impact of Trade
Lecture Slides on Vertical Integration

Major Problem Sets

Upload typed answers to Blackboard

Problem Set 2 <-- Clickable Link
Tips for Problem Set 2
Gravity Data for Problem 1 (Notes on Gravity Regressions in STATA)
Code Template for Problem 2 (Model Equations and Variables for R)
Trade Data for Problem 3 (Instructions for Problem 3, Completed Example)

Problem Set 1
Notes and Code for Problem Set 1:
Tips for Problem Set 1
Code Template for Problem 2 (Derivations and Symmetric Equilibrium for Question 2)
Code Template for Autarky Equilibrium (Notes on Solving Autarky Equilibrium on Computer)
Example R Code for 2x2 Ricardian Model, Example R Code for Autarky
Additional Tips for Problem 1


Worksheet on International Transfers
Worksheet on Welfare (Some Excel Calculations)
Worksheet on Firms and Volatility (Firm Level Data, Q1 Stata Code, Q2 Stata Code)

Midterm Content

Study Guide for Midterm
Slides for Reviewing Midterm Material (all content is taken from other lecture slides)

Data Sources