ECON 442: Quantitative Trade Models

Course Information

Time: 10:00–11:15am Sun, Tues; 5:00-6:15pm Wed
Location: LA12

Office: 0D25

Changelog (Updated: Jan 14, 2018)

Lecture Notes & Slides

Setting Up and Using R
This class will use DataCamp to support learning R (DataCamp Blurb)
RStudio: Download and install this (requires R)

Basics of R Programming
General R Programming Notes
Notes on Solving Systems of Equations with R (Newton's Method Examples, Slides for In-Class Exercise)
R Exercises and solutions (Rfiddle code for Q1, Q2, Q3)

Basic Ricardian Models
Review of Graphical Ricardian Model
Formalization of Ricardian Model
Solving the Free Trade Equilibrium in Ricardian Model
Practice Quiz (Solutions)
Slides for Computing Autarky Equilibrium in R (Template R Code for Autarky; R Code for Autarky)
Template R Code for 2X2 Case
Midterm Guide

Trade Policy
Instruments of Trade Policy
Winners and Losers from Trade
Partial Equilibrium versus General Equilibrium Models
Trade Costs and Many-Good Ricardian Models
Evaluating Model Predictions for NAFTA
Kehoe&Kehoe (1994) Primer on AGE Models

Gravity Models
Gravity Regressions
MultiDimensional Ricardian Models (Eaton-Kortum) (RScript for Frechet Distributions)
Graduate Trade Notes (New Trade Models, Same Old Gains)
Asymmetric Trade Costs

Heterogeneous Firms
Slides on Heterogeneous Firms
Excel Spreadsheet for Melitz Model (from Timothy Kehoe)

Data Sources